Break the Chains of Narcissistic Abuse: Discover the Hidden Truths of Cult Brainwashing

Still struggling to understand what happened to you during your narcissistically abusive relationship?

Are you still feeling bewildered and like your life has been turned upside down, leaving you unable to move on?

There has been a major piece missing in the narcissistic abuse jigsaw puzzle that we must understand to put the narcissistic relationship behind us. For good.

A Key Piece Of The Healing Puzzle

You may not know this but your relationship with a narcissist is NOT like other abusive relationships. If you use the wrong map, treating this kind of abuse like other types of emotional abuse, you can end up feeling more confused moving forward in your healing journey than ever.

Empower Your Healing Journey: Decode Narcissistic Abuse with Insights from Cult Psychology

We want to help you really understand what happened so that you move on with your life. This course is designed to do exactly that.
In order to move on you must understand that these relationships function like small CULTS. You have been brainwashed inside of a "cult of one" and coming out of that requires a "deprogramming" process that other types of abusive relationships do not.

The Solution

We have created a course for you that gives you a practical guide to understanding cult brainwashing from a narcissistic abuse perspective. With practical advice and tips on how to recover and finally move on for good.


For this course I teamed up with filmmaker and NXIVM whistleblower,

Mark Vicente

Mark's experiences being in, and escaping from the NXIVM cult were documented in the HBO series "The Vow". Mark has extensive first hand experience of being involved and deprogramming from the Narcissistic Cult paradigm.

His insights, experience and feedback are the underpinning of the course itself.

What You Get In This Course

-key insights from cult psychology that allow you to answer the torturous question that keeps you up at night: "How did I let this happen?"

-the invaluable cult psychology perspective on what keeps you "obsessed" with the narcissist (Its actually not "obsession" though it does feel that way)

-a way of interpreting the WEIRD behaviour of narcissists that gives you closure as to why they said and did the odd things they did and offers you the chance to set your mind at rest once and for all

-By unraveling the parallels between narcissistic abuse and cult brainwashing, you'll equip yourself with the knowledge to navigate the most deceptive of manipulations. No longer will you be ensnared by their tactics

-Get rid of all the self-doubt and insecurity: Our course provides you with the tools and strategies to rebuild your self-esteem from the ground up. Rediscover your worth and embrace a future filled with hope, happiness and sanity

The course is broken down into 24 easy to manage video sections.

The total run time is roughly 7 hours.

In section one we break down Mark's experience getting into a cult and compare and contrast this to the experience of narcissistic abuse.
Richard delivers his 7 phases of narcissistic psychopath abuse.

In section two we deep dive into the lifecycle of narcissistic cult abuse, step by step, going deep into the structure of the psychology, what effect it has on the target and why it is done this way.

Section three we dedicate entirely to solutions. The real, authentic way that a person can escape and actually move on with their lives. Not heavy on technical jargon, just the essentials of what you will need to move on.







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One-time payment



6 Monthly Payments

Full "no questions asked" refund guaranteed.

No online course can ever replace face to face therapy sessions with a qualified clinician. This course is for education purposes only. Do not use this material in place of therapy.

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