Do you want to to stop the nagging; Nasty inner voice; That's constantly dragging you down, for good?

YES, I do

Imagine how much more confident and relaxed you would feel if that voice constantly judging and berating you for your every move was SILENCED and in its place you heard words of affirmation and encouragement. 

The Problem

A harsh “inner critic” (the judgmental voice many of us carry in our heads) can be so powerful and damaging that it causes us to completely freeze in the face of carrying out our normal daily lives. 
We cease to thrive in the face of the constant barrage of criticism and learn simply to PUT OUR HEADS DOWN and to survive. This is not really living at all. 

A harsh inner critic: 

  • Damages our friendships and intimate relationships 
  • Makes normal daily life exhausting 
  • Wears down our self confidence 
  • Causes us to lose out on opportunities to thrive and grow 
  • Dims our light and our energy 
  • Causes us to want to self isolate and SHRINK from the world 

The Solution? 

Ok, first of all lets establish something: this is not going to easy to resolve. 
It is SIMPLE but simple is not easy. 
We must be willing to commit, completely to a consistent daily discipline that we follow through with consistently over time in order to SILENCE the inner critic and replace it with a voice that is supportive and understanding. 
We´ve been “practising” (through no fault of our own, these introjects are the result of abusive or neglectful childhood environments far outside our control) to speak harshly to ourselves since childhood. Oddly enough it makes us feel “Safe” to be berated and judged for every little thing. 
It feels “safe” because it is what we have internalised as normal. But it is neither safe nor is it normal. Living with a harsh inner critic damages our emotional, financial and physical lives, sometimes with truly disastrous effects. 

This course will push you and will “trigger” you as you move out of the “safe”/known and comfortable dimension of self condemnation into kindness and affirmation. You must progress very carefully. 
No online course EVER replaces the work that can be done by a qualified mental health clinician, if you can you should be seeing a therapist as well as doing the course. It is YOUR responsibility to take care of your needs during this process. This course will

The Good News

It works.

I've used these techniques on myself and over months and years the inner critic has shrunk to a whisper when it pops up under times of extreme duress and is largely silent. I have learned, through disciplined practise to guide myself through life the way I would a child in my care. 
Thousands of my clients have also learned to do this. I get messages weekly from people saying these techniques helped them to stand up for themselves, resolve physica stress-related issues, make more money for themselves (yes you are allowed to take care of yourself materially), enjoy more intimacy in relationships and a stronger sense of well being overall. 

Next Step?

Take an action in your favour of your well being and in open defiance of the inner critic , that is probably even now telling you that it wont work or that you arent good enough to do the course. 
Then follow the techniques for at least 14 days. If you don’t get great results quickly we´ll give you a no questions asked refund if you just message:

[email protected] 

If you really want change now, take action!



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